Incoming Inspection:
  1. Condition of Box
  2. Photos of Box Received
  3. ESD Protection
  4. Humidity Indictor
  5. Type of Packaging Received in
  6. Condition of Parts
Visual Inspection:
  1. Microscope
  2. Magnification
  3. Calipers
  4. Lead Condition
  5. BGA Inspection
  6. Acetone Test
  7. Scrape Test
  8. Date Code/Lot Code Verification
  9. Component Size Verification
  10. Pin Indicator
  11. Bent Leads
  12. Sanding Marks
  13. Scratches
  14. Secondary Coating
  15. Pin Size
  16. Pin Depth
  17. Country of Origin
  18. Retinned
  19. Refurbished
Additional Inspections:
  1. Supplier Evaluation Checklist: Before doing any business with Triumph Quality Group, the potential supplier must be first evaluated by our checklist before being able to do any business with Triumph Quality Group.  We have a stringent process to ensure that our customers receive quality components.
  2. Test Houses – We have partnered up with an external test house that is AS6171, AS5553 and AS6081 testing standards.
  3. Decapsulation: Destructive Test. To Decap the top part off to see the die inside to verify the authenticity of the part
  4. X-Ray:  Non-Destructive Test.  Verification to see if any missing or broken bond wires. Die Size.
  5. Heated Chemical Test (HCT):  Destructive Test. To verify for a secondary coating.
  6. Solder Test: Destructive Test. To verify if parts have any solderability issues.
  7. Electrical Test: Non Destructive. To verify the parts’ performance to the manufacturer’s data sheets and have a comparaison.