Triumph Quality Group was formed with over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry with one major vision in mind.  It is to continuously ensure and improve the standards to prevent counterfeit components from entering into our industry and our supply chain.  Quality is the most important value to our core business values.

We at Triumph Quality Group continuously invest in the present and future.  Our team are the core of our success.  Reinvesting in our people is crucial to our company as this leads to providing superior customer service to our customers by exceeding their expectations every time.

We are 101% committed to continual improvement in every aspect of our company and we continuously work towards 100% customer satisfaction.

Triumph Quality Group has gained a reputation for sourcing and delivering quality sourcing electronic components to its clients on time every time.

 The company was founded on the beliefs that all customers should receive:

 Competitive pricing: Competitive price analyses are performed to obtain the lowest prices available. This allows us to pass the savings to our customers.

 Outstanding customer service: Our clients are our most valuable entities. We take great pride in meeting their daily needs by striving to exceed our limits.

 Quality Components: A state of the art counterfeit mitigation plan in place that allows for our customers to be reassured of quality components received.  One of our team members is one of the volunteers for SAE G-19DR AS6081 and AS5553.  We are committed to ensuring our customers’ quest for quality.

 Reliability: Orders are tracked meticulously from the moment they are placed to ensure an on-time delivery to our clients.

 We are confident that you will find all your electronic component needs with us.


 Triumph Quality Group was built on the strong beliefs to provide our clients with the highest standards of service; competitive pricing; quality components and reliable, on-time delivery. As a result Triumph Quality Group have become a much-respected company with a worldwide client base.

 Triumph Quality Group is committed to locating quality components at the best available prices in the market and delivering them on time every time.

 With a staff comprised of highly trained professionals, we are able to respond to all your questions at any time. We are fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and French.

 Our warehouse facility is ESD compliant to ensure quality control from the time we receive the products until the parts arrive in our customers’ hands.

 Our mission is to render our clients with the highest level of satisfaction and to assist them in meeting their current and future demands. We believe trust is the key element in all business transactions hence we assure our customer’s complete confidentiality.